Color Meanings and Symbolism


Color Meanings and Symbolism Meanings - Blue is thought to represent hope, good health and the state of servitude - Meanings

Each color has its own unique meaning and symbolism. Color is used in symbols all over the world to represent emotions, politics, religion, gender, science, art and mythology.

A comprehensive guide to the meanings and symbolism of different colors. Discover facts and information about different colors and their individual meanings and symbolism. Why is the color black used as a symbol of death whereas the color green represents new life?

Color Symbolism

Colors Meanings and Symbolism - Meaning
Color is everywhere, each one having its own unique meaning and symbolism to us. We are taught color symbolism from a young age without even realising it! Expressions such as 'green with envy' or 'in a black mood' are phrases that are commonly used in everyday language. Color symbolism is complicated and individual colors have very different meanings depending on the persons culture. In the western world, the colour of mourning is black, however in Thailand it is purple and in China it is white.

Facts - Meanings and Symbolism of Colors

  • Meanings - Black: The ancient Egyptians saw black as a positive color, the god of the underworld, Anubis who protected the dead from evil took the form of a black jackal

  • Meanings - Black: In America and the United Kingdon the color black signals authority. Police cars are often black and white in color and referred to in the UK as 'Panda Cars' and 'Black and Whites' in the US

  • Meanings - Blue: The Hindu divinity Krishna is blue in color

  • Meanings - Blue: Blue is the color of the Virgin Mary

  • Meanings - Green: In Celtic traditions, wearing the color green was considered unlucky and those who wore green were likely to encounter misfortune

  • Meanings - Green: In Ancient Egypt people were scared of cats with green eyes

  • Meanings - Orange: In China and Japan, the color orange is symbolic of love and happiness

  • Meanings - Purple: The first US military medal created by George Washington in 1782 was a heart shaped medal on a purple cloth

  • Meanings - Purple: Purple is believed to symbolise justice

  • Meanings - Red: In ancient Egypt the color red was associated with life, health and victory

  • Meanings - Red: The devil is always portrayed wearing red clothes or having a red face. Red is the color of hell fire and it is also considered the color of passion and lust

  • Meanings - Yellow: In China, the color yellow represents the power of the sun and the male 'yang' principle. It also symbolises happiness and wisdom

  • Meanings - Yellow: In Europe, the color yellow is symbolic of cowardice

Color Meanings and Symbolism - HTML
Color is displayed using a combination of Red, Green and Blue light (RGB). HTML (HyperText Markup Language) is a markup language used by web browsers to format web pages. In HTML colors are defined using a system known as hexadecimal notation (HEX). Each color is assigned a HEX value depending on the combination of Red, Green, and Blue (RGB) the user wishes to display. The lowest HEX value that can be assigned to a light sources is 0 (HEX:00). The highest HEX value that can be assigned to a light sources is 255 in (HEX:FF). HEX values are displayed as three pairs of two-digit numbers, starting with a # sign. The combination of Red, Green, and Blue values from 0 to 255 result in more than 16 million different colors (256 x 256 x 256). Some examples of different shades are shown below:

** Examples of Shades - Color Meanings and Symbolism **


** Examples of Shades - Color Meanings and Symbolism **

Color Meanings and Symbolism
Wealth is also often referred to by colours, being "in the red" refers to being in debt or overdrawn whereas "in the black" is a positive term used to describe being in credit or having money. In banking and finance terms, black is a positive color whereas when describing a person's mood, a "black mood" is a bad mood and "seeing red" also describes someone who is angry. Politics are another area where colour symbolism is used. The color green is often used to represent an independent or neutral party or to refer to a political group that is linked to the environment. The color red has been used to symbolise the communist party. The following quote from the 17th century poem by 17th century written by Samuel Butler entitled 'Hudibras' illustrates how colour is used to represent religious views:

"For his Religion, it was fit, To match his learning and his wit; 'Twas Presbyterian true blue;".

Color Meanings and Symbolism
The study and interpretation of dreams is called Oneirology, the term comes from the Greek word 'oneiros' which means dream. It is thought that dreams have two meanings: a general meaning where the dream is told as a symbolic story and an individual meaning, which is specific to the dreamer. The following interpretation of colors in dreams is taken from the book entitled "10,000 Dreams" interpreted by Gustavus Hindman Miller:

  • Color Symbolism: White symbolizes Purity, virginity, innocence and virtue. To walk with a person wearing white, proclaims that person's illness or distress, unless it be a young woman or child, then you will have pleasing surroundings for a season at least

  • Color Symbolism: The color Yellow signifies renewal, hope, light and purity. When taken as an off-white color symbolizes degradation or cowardice. To see yellow clothes, foretells approaching gaieties and financial progress. You will be fortunate if you dream of yellow

  • Color Symbolism: Orange symbolizes courage, endurance and strength representing fire and flame

  • Color Symbolism: The symbolism of the colour Green is related to nature, fertility, hope and bountifulness. It also symbolizes freedom from bondage. To see green clothes, is a hopeful sign of prosperity and happiness

  • Color Symbolism: The colour Red is thought to symbolize fire and is associated with power and importance. To dream of crimson clothes, foretells that you will escape formidable enemies by a timely change in your expressed intention

  • Color Symbolism: Black symbolizes death, fear and ignorance and was also used to indicate authority and power. To see yourself, or others, dressed in black, indicates quarrels, disappointments, and disagreeable companions; or, if it refers to business, the business will fall short of expectations

  • Color Symbolism: Brown is said to signify the earth, poverty and humility

  • Color Symbolism: The symbolism of Blue is hope, good health and the state of servitude. To dream of blue apparel, signifies carrying forward to victory your aspirations, through energetic, insistent efforts. Friends will loyally support you

  • Color Symbolism: The color Purple is always associated with royalty, indeed the the symbolic meaning of the color purple was for penitence and mourning

Color Meanings and Symbolism
Color has been used in symbols to depict emotions, personality and religion since ancient times and many colors have mystical properties associated with them. One of the the easiest ways to identify something immediately regardless of language or culture is through color. A baby dressed in pink is an obvious sign that the gender of the infant is female despite the language or country. A red road sign warns us of danger even if we might not recognise the symbol instantly. A country or sports team use colors to identify themselves through their flag and its colours. Colors are often mentioned in everyday language as well as literary terms to portray a persons feelings or emotions, being "green with envy" or "in a black mood" are familiar terms to describe jealously and feeling down.

"Signs and Symbols rule the world, not rules and law"
Confucius (551479 BC)

Color Meanings and Symbolism

Color Meanings and Symbolism

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