Feng Shui Colors


Feng Shui Colors


Feng Shui Colors Feng Shui Colors - Fire: South - Metal: West - Water: North - Wood: East - Earth: Centre - Feng Shui Colors

What are the Feng Shui Colors?

Feng Shui colors have deep significance, each of the elements have specific colors associated with them, Earth, Fire, Metal, Wood and Earth.

Discover facts and information about the Feng Shui Colors

Color Symbolism

Feng Shui Colors - Meaning
The Chinese word for wind is 'Feng' and the word 'Shui' is for water so the direct translation of Feng-shui is wind-water. Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art relating to how we can live in harmony with our surroundings. A compass is used to determine the best location for homes, graveyards and places of worship. Each point on the compass relates to an element: Wind, Earth, Metal, Fire and Water. Each element has specific colors associated with it.

Feng Shui Colors - Quote
The following quote is taken from the book Chinese Sketches by Herbert Allen Giles (1845 1935). Herbert Giles was a famous Sinologist (Sinology - The study of China and items related to China)

"The Feng-shui of a house influences not only the pecuniary fortunes of its inmates, but determines their general happiness and longevity. There was a room in the British Legation at Peking in which two persons died with no great interval of time between each event; and subsequently one of the students lay there in articulo mortis for many days. The Chinese then pointed out that a tall chimney had been built opposite the door leading into this room, thereby vitiating the Feng-shui, and making the place uninhabitable by mortal man."

Facts about Feng Shui Colors

  • The 'Bagua' is a template for buildings in China, each 'Bagua' has eight 'Guas' which are based around the centre

  • Each area represents a single area of life, these are:

    • Children

    • Creativity

    • Reputation

    • Fame

    • Prosperity

    • Relationship

    • Health

    • Family

    • Knowledge

    • Skills

  • Homes should be designed taking into consideration North, South, East and West in order for 'chi'  to flow between the different areas thus enabling the well being of the people living there

Feng Shui Colors - Symbols
Color has been used in symbols to depict emotions, personality and religion since ancient times and many colors have mystical properties associated with them. In Feng Shui, each of the five elements relates to a specific point on the compass

  • Fire - South

  • Metal - West

  • Water - North

  • Wood - East

  • Earth - Centre

Feng Shui Colors - Examples
The colors relating to the five elements are:

  • Fire - Red, Brown

  • Metal - Silver, White

  • Earth - Yellow

  • Water - Black, Dark Blue

  • Wood - Green, Purple

Feng Shui Colors

"Signs and Symbols rule the world, not rules and law
Confucius (551479 BC)


Feng Shui Colors

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Color Wheel - Feng Shui Colors


Pictures and Videos of Feng Shui Colors
Discover the vast selection of pictures which relate to Feng Shui Colors and illustrate the different examples of color symbolism that we see in everyday life. All of the articles and pages can be accessed via the Signology Index - a great educational resource for everyone! What is the significance of the Feng Shui Colors? What does the Feng Shui Colors mean? - find out all you need to know!


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