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Dictionary of Symbols beginning with the letter B..A to Z List of Symbols and their meaning...Dictionary of Symbols beginning with the letter B

A useful and comprehensive dictionary of symbols beginning with the letter B. Facts, definitions and worksheets! An easy way to learn about a huge variety of different symbols.

Did you know that Pictograms, Ideograms, Trademarks, Hallmarks, Logos, Monograms, Coat of Arms, Abbreviations and Phonograms are all examples of symbols? or that Bats are symbolic of impending death and considered a bad luck symbol?

Dictionary of Symbols - Letter B - List of Terms
A useful and comprehensive dictionary of symbols. The following are just a selection of the thousands of symbols used throughout the world. Depending on whether you religious or not, certain symbols will have a deep significance to you.

Dictionary of Symbols - B

Dictionary of Symbols Meaning
Badger For a maid, or a bachelor, this symbol predicts a single life, but one of freedom, health and success; for the married, it implies regret that they did not remain unmarried
Bagpipes This symbol gives warning of coming sorrow or much agitation and disturbance
Balloon A symbol which indicates that much is attempted but little achieved; there is a passing enthusiasm for various experiments and new ideas, but the interest soon flags, and finally vanishes as the balloon in the clouds
Bananas These promise gratification and the occurrence of those things which are most pleasing to you; also a prediction of much happiness and success in love affairs
Bats An ill omen showing sickness and trouble in the home; with other signs, a prediction of death
Beehive This is a symbol of eloquence, mental capacity, and much energy in forming new schemes and carrying them through; also of attainment to power and honour
Bees These foretell success through your own ability, many friends and enjoyment of life to the full
Beetle Beetles symbolise unrest, domestic tribulation, or disagreements; several beetles, that there is a risk of slander and abuse by those whom you regard as friends
Birds Birds symbolise happiness and joyful tidings; a single bird flying means speedy news, telegrams; birds in a row on a branch or line show that there will be vexatious delay in receiving some wished-for news; birds in a circle denote cogitation followed by swift decision
Bluebells A symbol of a forthcoming event that will bring you much satisfaction and pleasure may be expected to take place in the spring
Boar This animal shows much energy and push though not always in the right direction to bring you unqualified success; it is also a sign of obstacles in your path
Boat Success in a new enterprise; seen with clouds, troubles and disappointment
Bouquet This is a most fortunate symbol of coming happiness, love, fulfilled hope, and marriage
Broom Although commonly associated with witches and Halloween, the broom is not just symbolic of black magic. It is considered a symbol of removal. It is used to sweep away bad luck from the house and in Ancient Rome for example, the broom was used to sweep the floors of a house following a funeral to remove the bad spirits and was symbolic of a fresh start. At the end of a year, the Chinese use a broom to sweep away any bad luck.
Buffalo A most unexpected and unusual happening, possibly causing agitation and uncertainty as to the best way to proceed
Bull An ill omen of misfortune, attacks of pain, or of slander by some enemy; if it gallops with tail up, personal danger or illness of someone dear to you
Bumble Bee This shows a cheerful disposition, making the best of everyone and everything, easily gratified tastes and pleasures; many friends and social success
Butterfly Passing pleasure, power of attraction, many admirers, and flirtations; to the lover it speaks of inconstancy

Dictionary of Symbols - Facts
Dictionary of Symbols Facts....Did you know...

Symbols Dictionary - Fact One

Bamboo is a symbol of strength and grace because of its ability to bend in the wind without breaking. The shoots of the bamboo are green to symbolise long life

Symbols Dictionary - Fact Two

The Beech tree is commonly associated with death. The Beech tree is the emblem of Denmark as well as the type of wood that the freemasons hammer is made from!

Symbols Dictionary - Fact Three

Symbols, Signs and Abbreviations have been used for centuries and the use of signs and abbreviations are as old as the use of alphabets!

Symbols Dictionary - Fact Four

The Bay tree is a symbol of honor and long life. Presenting someone with the gift of a bay tree in a pot is symbolic of immortality

Symbols Dictionary - Fact Five

The study of symbols and signs is called symbology!

Symbols Dictionary - Fact Six

The @ or 'at' sign on the keyboard is one of the most popular and familiar modern symbols!

Symbols Dictionary - Fact Seven

A symbol can be as simple as a single character or a number

Symbols Dictionary - Fact Eight

Many symbols have deep religious and spiritual significance such as the fish, the secret Christian sign

Symbols Dictionary - Fact Nine

Each day we see thousands of different symbols from road signs to keyboard symbols!

Symbols Dictionary - Fact Ten

Pictograms, Ideograms, Trademarks, Hallmarks, Logos, Monograms, Coat of Arms, Abbreviations and Phonograms are all examples of symbols!

Dictionary of Symbols - Tattoos
Symbols are a great choice for tattoos. Looking for inspiration for a unique tattoo design? Why not choose a symbol or incorporate a selection of symbols into your own unique design? Browse through our selection of images in the symbol dictionary and check out the meaning and symbolism of each one.

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Dictionary of Symbols

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Discover the vast selection of pictures and videos which relate to this useful dictionary of symbols and illustrate the different symbols that we encounter in everyday life. A useful dictionary of symbols. Find out the definition of a variety of different symbols. What is the significance of each one? A dictionary containing lots of useful information and facts for anyone with an interest in symbology! All of the articles and pages can be accessed via the Signology Index - a great educational resource for everyone!


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