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Dictionary of Symbols beginning with the letter F..Falcon - Flowers - Frog - Fruit - Ferns - Ferret - A to Z List of Symbols and their meaning...Dictionary of Symbols beginning with the letter F

A useful and comprehensive dictionary of Symbols. Facts, definitions and worksheets! An easy way to learn about a huge variety of different symbols.

Did you know that symbols, signs and abbreviations have been used for centuries and the use of signs and abbreviations are as old as the use of alphabets? or that a sign can be described as an indicator, a clue, hint, reminder, gesture or a cue? Signs refer to objects in a more literal way, such as pointing something out or standing for something.

Dictionary of Symbols - Letter F - List of Terms
A useful and comprehensive dictionary of symbols. The following are just a selection of the thousands of symbols used throughout the world. Depending on whether you religious or not, certain symbols will have a deep significance to you.

Dictionary of Symbols - F

Dictionary of Symbols Meaning
Falcon This bird warns you to be on your guard, for you have an enemy
Ferns Dignity, peace, and steadfast love are the meanings of this symbol
Ferret Jealousy and enmity are likely to cause you distress
Figs These indicate joy and abundance of the good things of this world; to those in business it is an omen of success and prosperity
Flowers Many pleasant meanings may be given to this symbol, good fortune, happiness, love, marriage, and a large circle of admiring friends, being among them
Forget-me-not This flower speaks of the attainment of a cherished hope, also that you will probably find your truest happiness in love and marriage
Fox This denotes that you may have an unsuspected enemy, possibly disloyal dependents; sometimes it means theft and trickery
Foxgloves These show ambition and attainment; if broken or bending, defeated plans and hopes
Frog A change of residence; with other signs, new work or profession; with bad symbols around, unpleasant sights and stories
Fruit A happy sign of forthcoming prosperity and general advancement

Dictionary of Symbols - Facts
Dictionary of Symbols Facts....Did you know...

Symbols Dictionary - Fact One

The meaning of the word 'symbol' is 'to throw together'. It is derived from the ancient Greek word 'symballein'

Symbols Dictionary - Fact Two

The use of Signs and Symbols is a great way of saying something quickly, they are a universal language and understood no matter what language or dialect spoken

Symbols Dictionary - Fact Three

The study of symbols and signs is called symbology!

Symbols Dictionary - Fact Four

The @ or 'at' sign on the keyboard is one of the most popular and familiar modern symbols!

Symbols Dictionary - Fact Five

A symbol can be as simple as a single character or a number

Dictionary of Symbols - Tattoos
Symbols are a great choice for tattoos. Looking for inspiration for a unique tattoo design? Why not choose a symbol or incorporate a selection of symbols into your own unique design? Browse through our selection of images in the symbol dictionary and check out the meaning and symbolism of each one.

 Dictionary of Symbols

Dictionary of Symbols

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Discover the vast selection of pictures and videos which relate to this useful dictionary of symbols and illustrate the different symbols that we encounter in everyday life. A useful dictionary of symbols. Find out the definition of a variety of different symbols. What is the significance of each one? A dictionary containing lots of useful information and facts for anyone with an interest in symbology! All of the articles and pages can be accessed via the Signology Index - a great educational resource for everyone!


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