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A useful and comprehensive dictionary of Symbols. Facts, definitions and worksheets! An easy way to learn about a huge variety of different symbols.

Did you know that a sign can be described as an indicator, a clue, hint, reminder, gesture or a cue.? A sign used by a brand is known as a trademark. and they refer to objects in a more literal way, such as pointing something out or standing for something.

Dictionary of Symbols - Letter M - List of Terms
A useful and comprehensive dictionary of symbols. The following are just a selection of the thousands of symbols used throughout the world. Depending on whether you religious or not, certain symbols will have a deep significance to you.

Dictionary of Symbols - M

Dictionary of Symbols Meaning
Madonna Lily This flower means perfection and peace, and the assurance of love and truth
Magnolia This tree brings calm and peaceful conditions after a time of unrest
Magpie "One for sorrow, two for mirth, three for a wedding, four for a birth"; this ancient saying well explains the meaning of seeing magpies
Mars The planet Mars is symbolic of energy and was named after the Greek god of war. Mars is the ruler of the zodiac signs Scorpio and Aries
May Tree This signifies the receiving of a joyous message
Mercury The planet Mercury is symbolic of communication and understanding and rules the zodiac sign of Cancer
Mermaid To those associated with the sea, this is a warning of shipwreck or other peril
Mice These indicate danger of poverty through fraud or theft
Milk Milk is often considered to be the fruit of the gods and is symbolic of nourishment as it is both a food and a drink. Many cultures consider paradise to be the 'land of milk and honey'
Mistletoe This signifies that a cherished hope is unlikely to be fulfilled, or at any rate it will only be after many months have passed, and when you have become weary of waiting. Mistletoe is symbolic of Christmas and the tradition of kissing a loved one under the mistletoe is a tradition known in most parts of the world and thought to originate from the belief that Mistletoe has magical properties.
Monkey This is an unpleasant indication that ugly rumours and scandal will be spread about you or yours; sometimes public notoriety; with other signs, it foreshows grief and pain
Moon The moon is symbolic of mothers and childhood. It is linked to the womb and stomach and rules the zodiac sign of Cancer
Myrtle Tree This speaks of affection and peace; a declaration of love, and a happy marriage

Dictionary of Symbols - Facts
Dictionary of Symbols Facts....Did you know...

Symbols Dictionary - Fact One

There are many individual symbols of marriage which differ between cultures. In India for example the bride wear red as a symbol of her fertility whereas brides in other cultures wear white as a symbol of purity and innocence

Symbols Dictionary - Fact Two

The use of a plain gold wedding band is symbolic of the couples everlasting love and the circle of life

Symbols Dictionary - Fact Three

The winged heart is also symbolic of marriage and is a symbol of cupid, the god of love

Symbols Dictionary - Fact Four


Symbols Dictionary - Fact Five

The study of symbols and signs is called symbology!

Symbols Dictionary - Fact Six

The @ or 'at' sign on the keyboard is one of the most popular and familiar modern symbols!

Symbols Dictionary - Fact Seven

A symbol can be as simple as a single character or a number

Symbols Dictionary - Fact Eight

Many symbols have deep religious and spiritual significance such as the fish, the secret Christian sign

Symbols Dictionary - Fact Nine

Each day we see thousands of different symbols from road signs to keyboard symbols!

Symbols Dictionary - Fact Ten

Pictograms, Ideograms, Trademarks, Hallmarks, Logos, Monograms, Coat of Arms, Abbreviations and Phonograms are all examples of symbols!

Dictionary of Symbols - Tattoos
Symbols are a great choice for tattoos. Looking for inspiration for a unique tattoo design? Why not choose a symbol or incorporate a selection of symbols into your own unique design? Browse through our selection of images in the symbol dictionary and check out the meaning and symbolism of each one.

 Dictionary of Symbols

Dictionary of Symbols

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Discover the vast selection of pictures and videos which relate to this useful dictionary of symbols and illustrate the different symbols that we encounter in everyday life. A useful dictionary of symbols. Find out the definition of a variety of different symbols. What is the significance of each one? A dictionary containing lots of useful information and facts for anyone with an interest in symbology! All of the articles and pages can be accessed via the Signology Index - a great educational resource for everyone!


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