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Indigenous Symbols - Indigenous Symbols are a vital part of aboriginal life, they are objects that followers worship and pray to. They are tools for teaching the religion to others and items are often passed down from generation to generation - Indigenous Symbols

A comprehensive guide to symbols of the Indigenous people of Australia, better known as Aborigines.

Discover the history and religious beliefs surrounding a selection of Indigenous Symbols. Read about the the meaning of a wide range of Indigenous Symbols including: Dot Paintings, Dreamtime and the Didgeridoo.

Indigenous Symbols - Meaning
The term 'Aborigine' is used to describe the indigenous people of Australia who have lived in the country for over 60,000 years. Indigenous Symbols are a vital part of aboriginal life, they are objects that followers worship and pray to. They are tools for teaching the indigenous spirituality to others and items are often passed down from generation to generation. Each individual indigenous  symbol has its own deep significance. The spirituality of the indigenous people is linked with the land in a concept known as 'Dreamtime'.


Indigenous Symbols - Spirituality
Discover facts and information about a range of spiritual and religious emblems and signs. Read about each individual emblem and its significance to the Indigenous people of Australia.

Indigenous Symbols - What is the significance of the Didgeridoo?
Indigenous Symbols - What is an Aboriginal Dot Painting?
Indigenous Symbols - What is Dreamtime?

Discover the answers to these questions and many more, a useful educational resource about symbols for everyone.
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Indigenous Symbols - Dreamtime
The natural order of existence according to the Australian aborigines is called dreamtime, also referred to as 'the dreaming'. Many stories are told about ancestors who were responsible for creating all human and animal life. The spiritual aspect of dreamtime is expressed in music, art and nature. 'Songlines' were created by the spirit ancestors of Aborigines, it is believed as they journeyed through the land, they created dreaming tracks - songlines through their ability to sing the land into life.

Indigenous Symbols - Dot Paintings
Dot paintings are unique to Indigenous art and paintings using this method have been found on rocks, bark and caves. the indigenous people used colors as symbols. The color yellow was used to represent the sun, white was used to symbolise the cloud and the sky, red was a symbol of the sand from the desert and the color brown symbolised the soil. The indigenous people of Australia did not have a written language, instead they used art to paint their stories. Many paintings produced using this method contained a secret message or meaning, known only to the artist.

Indigenous Symbols - Didgeridoo
The didgeridoo is a wind instrument, similar to a trumpet which has been used by the indigenous people of Australia for over 1500 years. The instrument is still in production today; many however are bought by tourists to Australia as a keepsake of their visit. The term 'didgeridoo' is a western word, the indigenous people of Australia use many different words to describe this instrument including Yiraka, Bambu, Martba, Ngaribi, Garnbak and Paampu. Traditionally the didgeridoo is played during ceremonies, sometimes alone or in a group during a ceremony to accompany singing and dancing. The unique 'drone' noise made by a didgeridoo is achieved by the player vibrating his lips against the wooden mouthpiece of the instrument. The player uses a technique now known as circular breathing where the player breathes air in through their nose while breathing out through the mouth at the same time using their tongue and cheeks!

Indigenous Symbols - Facts

  • Indigenous Symbols Fact 1: The sun is one of the most important Indigenous symbols and regarded as female due to its life giving powers. It is a symbol of hope and new beginning

  • Indigenous Symbols Fact 2: Totem animals are a vital part of indigenous life. Different aboriginal clans have specific relationships with individual animals, they are not allowed to eat the meat of their specific animal and each totem animal is a sacred symbol

  • Indigenous Symbols Fact 3: The rainbow serpent is found in indigenous art throughout Australia, it represents life and is thought to protect the people as well as the land. It is depicted in the form of a snake

  • Indigenous Symbols Fact 4: The famous 'Guardian Gods' Easter Island stone statues are believed to store the souls of sacred spirits and are symbols of both religious and political power

  • Indigenous Symbols Fact 5: Indigenous symbols also include ceremonial costumes, traditional medicine practices as well as spiritual traditions

  • Indigenous Symbols Fact 6: Aboriginal Indigenous art is based on ancient stories called Jukurrpa, better known by the western word dreaming

  • Indigenous Symbols Fact 7: The oldest form of Indigenous art was painted on bark, unfortunately most of the ancient bark paintings have decayed over time

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Indigenous Symbols

Indigenous Symbols

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Pictures and Videos of Indigenous Symbols
Discover the vast selection of pictures which relate to Indigenous Symbols and illustrate the different Religious emblems and signs that we see in everyday life. All of the articles and pages can be accessed via the Signology Index - a great educational resource for everyone! Find out about different religious emblems and their significance to a variety of religions including Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhist, Taoism, Sikhism and Confucianism.


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