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Did you know....Parrot astrology is a type of astrology popular among the Tamils India and Singapore. Green parakeets are trained to pick up Tarot like fortune cards!...Zodiac - Astrologers - Astrology - Dates - Symbols - Signs - Meaning - Compatibility - Indian Astrologers - Chinese Astrologers - Zodiac Symbols - Zodiac Signs

A useful guide to Astrology symbols and the different types of astrology. Discover facts and information about: Astrological meanings, Zodiac Signs and dates, Chinese Zodiac Symbols, Indian Astrologers.

It is believed that there is a link between the position of the sun, moon and other planets at the time of a persons birth. This position gives an individual certain personality traits as well as predicting events which are likely to occur in their life. There are many different types of astrology including Medical, Judicial, Natal, Locational, Horary, Psychological and Financial astrology.


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Astrology Symbols - What is an Astrologer?
An astrologer is defined as someone who practices astrology. The word astrology is derived from the Latin word 'astrologia' meaning 'account of the stars'. An astrologer is described as a person who professes to foretell events by the aspects and situation of the stars. Michel de Nostredame (1503-1566) best known as Nostradamus and famous worldwide for his prophecies was also famous for Judicial astrology. Judicial Astrology, the science of forecasting future events by calculating the relationship of stars and planets to the Earth.

Astrology & The Planets
Meteorological astrology, also known as astrometeorology is the science of mapping the astrological locations of the Sun, Moon and planets to forecast the weather. The numbers seven and twelve were sacred to ancient astrologers and references to the number seven include: Seven days of the week, seven stories of the tower of Babylon, seven gates of Thebes, seven piped flute of Pan, seven stringed lyre of Apollo, seven books of fate, the book of seven seals, the seven castes into which the Egyptians and East Indians were divided and the jubilee of seven times seven years. References to the number twelve include: twelve months of the year, the grand cycle of 12,000 years, twelve altars of James, twelve labors of Hercules, twelve divisions of the Egyptian Labyrinth, twelve shields of Mars, the twelve sons of Jacob, the twelve tribes of Israel and the twelve Disciples.

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Astrology Symbols - Indian Horoscope
Vedic astrology is the Hindu system of astrology and similar to other cultures the Hindu's believe that there is a link to personality traits depending on the location of the planets at the time of birth and these planetary influences are referred to as 'fruit of karma'. Vedic astrology uses zodiac signs and these are split into sixteen 'Varga'. Astrology is an important part of Indian life and many important business and personal decisions are made taking astrology into account! Followers of the ancient science of Vedic astrology believe that there are 27 constellations which are made up of 12 zodiac signs. There are nine planets each with twelve houses. Each individual house and planet represents a specific aspect of human life.

Astrology Symbols - What are the signs of the Zodiac?
The western zodiac is split into twelve signs, these are Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius,  Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces. Each of the individual zodiac signs is associated with an animal and has a constellation, element, sign ruler as well as a detriment and exaltation.

Astrology Symbols - Zodiac Tattoos
Astrology symbols are a popular choice for tattoo designs. Incorporating a picture of your zodiac animal or the glyph for your zodiac sign is fantastic choice for anyone with an interest in astrology or the zodiac and these popular body art symbols look good inked anywhere on the body. Why not incorporate your entire families zodiac glyph in your tattoo design or make your own unique picture using a combination of zodiac animals, constellations or elements? Look no further for ideas and inspiration for your next body art design!

Astrology Symbols - Zodiac Dates

Aries | Astrology Symbols

Astrology Symbols - Aries

  • Aries: Ram
  • Astrology Symbols: ♈
  • Dates: 20 March 19 April
  • Constellation: Aries
  • Zodiac Element: Fire
  • Sign ruler: Mars
  • Detriment: Venus
  • Exaltation: Sun
Taurus | Astrology Symbols Astrology Symbols - Taurus
  • Taurus: Bull

  • Astrology Symbols: ♉

  • Dates: 19 April - 20 May

  • Constellation: Taurus

  • Zodiac Element: Earth

  • Sign ruler: Venus

  • Detriment: Mars

  • Exaltation: Moon

Gemini | Astrology Symbols Astrology Symbols - Gemini
  • Gemini: Twins

  • Astrology Symbols: ♊

  • Dates: 20 May 20 June

  • Constellation: Gemini

  • Zodiac Element: Air

  • Sign ruler: Mercury

  • Detriment: Jupiter

  • Exaltation: None

Cancer | Astrology Symbols Astrology Symbols - Cancer
  • Cancer: Crab

  • Astrology Symbols: ♋

  • Dates: 20 June 22 July

  • Constellation: Cancer

  • Zodiac Element: Water

  • Sign ruler: Moon

  • Detriment: Saturn

  • Exaltation: Jupiter

Leo | Astrology Symbols Astrology Symbols - Leo
  • Leo: Lion

  • Astrology Symbols: ♌

  • Dates: 22 July 22 August

  • Constellation: Leo

  • Zodiac Element: Fire

  • Sign ruler: Sun

  • Detriment: Saturn

  • Exaltation: None

Virgo | AstrologySymbols Astrology Symbols - Virgo
  • Virgo: Virgin Maiden

  • Astrology Symbols: ♍

  • Dates: 22 August 22 September

  • Constellation: Virgo

  • Zodiac Element: Earth

  • Sign ruler: Mercury

  • Detriment: Jupiter

  • Exaltation: Mercury

Libra | Astrology Symbols Astrology Symbols - Libra
  • Libra: Scales

  • Astrology Symbols: ♎

  • Dates: 22 September 23 October

  • Constellation: Libra

  • Zodiac Element: Air

  • Sign ruler: Venus

  • Detriment: Mars

  • Exaltation: Saturn

Scorpio -  Zodiac Symbols Astrology Symbols - Scorpio
  • Scorpio: Scorpion

  • Astrology Symbols: ♏

  • Dates: 23 October 21 November

  • Constellation: Scorpius

  • Zodiac Element: Water

  • Sign ruler: Pluto, Mars

  • Detriment: Venus

  • Exaltation: Sun, Uranus

Sagittarius | Astrology Symbols Astrology Symbols - Sagittarius
  • Sagittarius: The Archer

  • Astrology Symbols: ♐

  • Dates: 21 November 21 December

  • Constellation: Sagittarius

  • Zodiac Element: Fire

  • Sign ruler: Jupiter

  • Detriment: Mercury

  • Exaltation: None

Capricorn | Astrology Symbols Astrology Symbols - Capricorn
  • Capricorn: Sea-goat

  • Astrology Symbols: ♑

  • Dates: 21 December 19 January

  • Constellation: Capricornus

  • Zodiac Element: Earth

  • Sign ruler: Saturn

  • Detriment: Moon

  • Exaltation: Mars

Aquarius | Astrology Symbols Astrology Symbols - Aquarius
  • Aquarius: Water-Carrier

  • Astrology Symbols:♒

  • 19 January 18 February

  • Constellation: Aquarius

  • Zodiac Element: Air

  • Sign ruler: Uranus

  • Detriment: Sun

  • Exaltation: None

Pisces | Astrology Symbols Astrology Symbols - Pisces
  • Pisces: Fish

  • Astrology Symbols: ♓

  • Dates: 18 February 20 March

  • Constellation: Pisces

  • Zodiac Element: Water

  • Sign ruler: Neptune

  • Detriment: Mercury

  • Exaltation: Venus

Astrology Symbols - Chinese Zodiac
The Chinese use a lunar calendar beginning on a different date each year in January or February as a base for their zodiac system. There are twelve individual animal signs which rotate every twelve years. They also use elements such as Water, Metal, Wood, Fire and Air.

Astrology Symbols

Astrology Symbols

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Pictures and Videos of Astrology Symbols
Discover the vast selection of pictures which relate to Astrology Symbols and illustrate the different astrological emblems and signs that we see in everyday life. All of the articles and pages can be accessed via the Signology Index - a great educational resource for everyone! Find out about different astrology emblems and their significance to different cultures.


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